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Shop Is Temporarily Closed

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Our shop will be down temporarily due to our shop moving locations. Moving locations makes it very difficult to keep track of inventory. We will take orders personally via any contact button on our website, email, or through our Facebook page. This is to guarantee that we have the item in stock before we accept any money. After we have verified we have the item(s) in stock we will provide a temporary password to the shop page. Please order only what you requested and was verified by us to be in stock. Thank you all for your patience during this process. We always appreciate your support.

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Our online shop will be reopening early July. Thank you all for your patience and thank you to our dedicated members who continued ordering through their special code while we were temporarily closed.

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Our online shop is back open and even has a couple new items available. Let us know what your favorite product is.

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