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About Us

           The Fold Mysteries is a research and exploration group that enjoys taking new and unique ideas and applying them with what has worked in the past. Our method is to take a scientific-style approach. We believe that science is possibly the answer to much of what we experience. We just do not yet have the knowledge to crack the scientific code of the universe... yet. 

          Our research goes far beyond thrill seeking, even though that is a very nice bonus. Our appetite for knowledge and understanding has led us to researching unique and sometimes dangerous places and situations. We wouldn't have it any other way though. We thrive on adventure, exploration, and research. We enjoy working with other teams and people. This is a world where you never stop learning. We can learn from one another by working together.


           Our goal in our research is to pave the way with as much knowledge and truth as possible for new generations of researchers. While we may not ever be able to PROVE without doubt the existence of a phenomenon or creature, we can certainly give it our all towards the TRUTH.

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